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NMEA parser


# NMEA parser component for ESP-IDF

This is a wrapper around [libnmea](,
in the form of an [ESP-IDF]( component.
It works with any chip supported in ESP-IDF: ESP32, ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3, ESP32-C3.

To use, clone the component into the `components` directory of your project,
or add it as a submodule.
See [libnmea documentation](
for more details.

This component uses CMake build system. It works with ESP-IDF v3.3 and v4.x.

## Example

Example project is provided inside `example` directory. It works the same way
as `parse_stdin.c` example from libnmea, except that it reads NMEA sentences
from UART.

Connect the TXD pin of GPS receiver to GPIO21 of an ESP32 board.
For other chips (ESP32-S2, ESP32-C3), change the pin number to any free GPIO.

Build and flash the example. Decoded NMEA messages will be displayed in the console.

## License

[libnmea](, this component, and the
example project are licensed under MIT License.

Supports all targets

License: MIT

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/libnmea^0.0.3"

or download archive


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