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Espressif's additions to TinyUSB


# Espressif's additions to TinyUSB

[![Component Registry](](

This component adds features to TinyUSB that help users with integrating TinyUSB with their ESP-IDF application.

It contains:
* Configuration of USB device and string descriptors
* USB Serial Device (CDC-ACM) with optional Virtual File System support
* Input and output streams through USB Serial Device. This feature is available only when Virtual File System support is enabled.
* Other USB classes (MIDI, MSC, HID…) support directly via TinyUSB
* VBUS monitoring for self-powered devices
* SPI Flash or sd-card access via MSC USB device Class.

## Documentation and examples
You can find documentation in [ESP-IDF Programming Guide](

You can find examples in [ESP-IDF on GitHub](
## How to use?

This component is distributed via [IDF component manager]( Just add `idf_component.yml` file to your main component with the following content:

``` yaml
## IDF Component Manager Manifest File
  esp_tinyusb: "~1.0.0"

Or simply run:
``` add-dependency esp_tinyusb~1.0.0


License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp_tinyusb^1.3.1"

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espressif/esp_tinyusb version: 1.3.1