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uploaded 9 months ago
OpenCV build for esp-idf


# OpenCV library build for esp-idf

This project used to build and include OpenCV library into the esp-idf as a component for esp32, esp32s2 and esp32s3 CPUs.
Now the opencv could be build with IDF version 4.4. 
This component was tested with opencv V 4.7.0

More details about OpenCV can be found [here](
The project has next folders:

opencv - OpenCV source code directory, added as git submodule
opencv_contrib - additional modules for OpenCV, added as git submodule
examples - directory with opencv examples running on Esp32-cam board.

The examples:

feature2d - extraction of 2d features form the camera image.
motion_detection - example detect the motion on the picture from camera and print the coordinates of the object to the console.
object_tracking - track the object located on center of the camera.
people_detection - the example has to detect people on the image.
text_area_detection - detect area on the image where text expected.


License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/opencv^4.7.0~1"

or download archive


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espressif/opencv version: 4.7.0~1