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Espressif audio effects



Espressif Audio Effects (ESP_AUDIO_EFFECTS) is the official audio processing module developed by Espressif Systems for SoCs. 

The ESP Audio Effects module provides a series of audio processing algorithms that can be used to modify, enhance, or alter the characteristics of audio signals.  

# Features

- Support algorithms: Automatic Level Control (ALC), Resample, Bit Convert, Channel Convert, Equalizer, Cross Data, Mixer, Fade, Sonic.

# Detailed introduction of each module

The following table links a detailed introduction to each submodule.  

|Module          |         Docs                                            |   
|ALC             | [alc readme](docs/                        |   
|BIT CONVERT     | [bit convert readme](docs/        |   
|CHANNEL CONVERT | [channel convert readme](docs/| 
|CROSS DATA      | [cross data readme](docs/           | 
|EQ              | [eq readme](docs/                          | 
|FADE            | [fade readme](docs/                      | 
|MIXER           | [mixer readme](docs/                    | 
|RESAMPLE        | [resample readme](docs/              | 
|SONIC           | [sonic readme](docs/                    | 

#  Audio effects Release and SoC Compatibility

The following table shows audio effects support of Espressif SoCs where ![alt text](docs/_static/yes-icon.png "supported") means supported, and the lable ![alt text](docs/_static/no-icon.png) means not supported. 

|Chip         |         v1.0.0                        |   
|ESP32        | ![alt text](docs/_static/yes-icon.png)|   
|ESP32-S2     | ![alt text](docs/_static/yes-icon.png)|   
|ESP32-C3     | ![alt text](docs/_static/yes-icon.png)| 
|ESP32-S3     | ![alt text](docs/_static/yes-icon.png)| 
|ESP32-P4     | ![alt text](docs/_static/yes-icon.png)| 


Supports all targets

License: Custom

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "jason-mao/esp_audio_effects^0.0.1"

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