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This component add a console to an example


# Console Connect
This component provides a console with supported commands for runtime configuration and monitoring to any example project.

## API

### Steps to enable console in an example code:
1. Add:
    set(EXTRA_COMPONENT_DIRS $ENV{IDF_PATH}/examples/common_components/console_connect)
    to the root level CMakeLists.txt of your example.
2. Add 
    ```#include "console_connect.h"```
    to the main file of the example.
3. Add 
    as the last line of your ```app_main()```.

## Suported commands:

### Ifconfig:
* **ifconfig:** Provide a list of all esp_netif interfaces and their associated information.
* **ifconfig \<iface>:** Provide the details of the named interface.
* **ifconfig \<iface> \<up/down>:** Enable/Disable the interface
* **ifconfig \<iface> default:** Make the interface default
* **ifconfig \<iface> ip6:** Enable IPv6 on the interface
* **ifconfig \<iface> link \<up/down>:** Enable the interface link
* **ifconfig \<iface> ip \<ipv4 address>:** Set the IPv4 address of this interface
* **ifconfig \<iface> mask \<ipv4 address>:** Set the IPv4 subnet mask of this interface
* **ifconfig \<iface> gw \<ipv4 address>:** Set the default gateway of this interface
* **ifconfig \<iface> napt \<enable/disable>:** Enable NAPT on this interface
* **ifconfig \<iface> dhcp server \<enable/disable>:** Enable/Disable dhcp server. (Not supported yet)
* **ifconfig \<iface> dhcp client \<enable/disable>:** Enable/Disable dhcp client.

Note: Disabling dhcp server and client enables static ip.

### Quit:
**quit:** Quits the Console application.


Supports all targets

License unspecified

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp_console^0.0.4"

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