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The component provides a console where the 'ping' command can be executed.


# Console command ping
The component provides a console where the 'ping' command can be executed.

## API

### Steps to enable console in an example code:
1. Add this component to your project using ``` add-dependency``` command.
2. In the main file of the example, add the following line:
    #include "console_ping.h"
3. Ensure esp-netif is initialized and default event loop is created in your app_main():
4. In your app_main() function, add the following line as the last line:
    console_cmd_init();     // Initialize console
    console_cmd_start();    // Start console

## Suported commands:

### ping:
ping  [-W \<t>] [-i \<t>] [-s \<n>] [-c \<n>] [-Q \<n>] [-T \<n>] \<host><br>
    send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts<br>
    -W, --timeout=\<t>  Time to wait for a response, in seconds<br>
    -i, --interval=\<t>  Wait interval seconds between sending each packet<br>
    -s, --size=\<n>  Specify the number of data bytes to be sent<br>
    -c, --count=\<n>  Stop after sending count packets<br>
    -Q, --tos=\<n>  Set Type of Service related bits in IP datagrams<br>
    -T, --ttl=\<n>  Set Time to Live related bits in IP datagrams<br>
        \<host>  Host address


Supports all targets

License: Custom

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/console_cmd_ping^0.0.3"

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