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uploaded 4 months ago
C++ wrapper classes around ESP IDF components



This project provides C++ wrapper classes around some components of [esp-idf]( It is organized as a component for the [IDF component manager]( You can find this component [in the component registry]( 

## *NOTE*
This component is in a beta-release phase. Some bits that are still missing (non-exhaustive list):
* MQTT C++ classes
* Default pin definition on Kconfig for some examples

A road map and detailed release document will be announced soon.

## Requirements

* ESP-IDF and its requirements.
  Please follow the [ESP-IDF "Get Started" Programming Guide]( to download, install and setup esp-idf.

No other special requirements are necessary.

## Usage

Set up the IDF environment (i.e., `. ./` inside [esp-idf]( Then go to your project directory, use ` add-dependency espressif/esp-idf-cxx^1.0.0-beta ` (should only be done once) and you should be able to use this component.


Supports all targets

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "0xjakob/sht3x-cxx^1.0.2-beta"

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0xjakob/sht3x-cxx version: 1.0.2-beta